Responsibilities of Parents, Coaches and Players

Good morning

Below is a simple responsibilities framework for Parents, Coaches and Players (thank you Nicci Willson).


Set the example Lead by example Enjoyment and learn skills
Praise and support good play – both teams Positively reinforce efforts of players Applaud good play – own and opposition teams
No negative comments towards officials tolerated Teach value of respect for officials and opposition Respect officials, opponents and coaches
No negative comments, criticism or hostile shouting tolerated Teach sportsmanship and fair play Fair, play by rules and show good sportsmanship
Remain in designated areas alongside field Instil discipline and work ethic that rewards dedication Committed to practise by being on time & not missing practice/matches
No coaching from side-lines Atmosphere of enjoyment for learning to occur Work hard – for self & team
Coach decisions need to be respected Treat all players with equal attention Commitment to team mates