A thank you letter…

Dear Shumbas

This is a letter to say thank you and well done.

Let me begin… I am a hockey player. I love hockey. I eat, sleep, learn and drink hockey.
As a Afrikaans boytjie I only started playing when I was eleven and I quickly realize that I actually love this sport. It is like rugby but with a stick!!!Haha!!
Then it was D2, under 13A Southerns ( with the best coach, you know who you are ) and then this year under 14A Southerns.

2016 was my first year of playing club hockey. On the good sound advice from Ryan and Josie ( two wonderful people) I joined Shumbas, although I stay in Krugersdorp. I can still remember our first game. I had to stand my ground. My 40kg had to “multiply” and very quickly. If you are not strong, then be quick and clever. So I used my size and speed.

With this letter I would just like to thank every player in the team.
I know some of you know each other well, but thank you for making me part of the team on and off the field.
Hockey is a team sport and I can really say that the Shumbas D was a team.

I do not want to name specific players but thank you for  your advice and comments on the field.

All the best for the last two games. I am so sorry to miss it but I have to put on my crickets pads and helmet and get some runs and wickets in Kimberley.

Thank you for Jeff for all the organizing. Much appreciated.

I cannot wait for next season.

Take care



Hanco Van Der Berg