Important information to read before registering or renewing your membership


Players or parents unsure about whether they can commit to a full season, are welcome to come down to one practice and talk with relevant club officials before making a decision. Note that once a player is registered (s)he is liable immediately for subs.


Important questions to ask before registering:

  • Which section is my child registering for? (Dependent on age and hockey strength, a number of children have more than one option.)

  • Do I know when both practices and matches are?

  • If the season has already begun, is there still space available in a team or an age-group?

  • Can I afford the subs and do I understand the payment options?


For answers to these questions, please engage with section heads, co-ordinators, team managers or captains.


Once you or your child is prepared to commit to the season:


  1. Register yourself or your child, taking note of the terms and conditions. 

  2. When registering, you will be asked to select the appropriate membership section. Take note of the following when making your selection:

    • Children that are 12 years or younger on the first day of the calendar year, must select one of the Cubs (junior) options. They are U5, U7, U9, U11 or U13. 

    • Children that are 13 years or older on the first day of the calendar year have a choice to either play: U15/U17 league (matches are on a Friday night); or they can play with adults in the senior leagues (matches are mostly on Sunday mornings).

    • Players that are 17 or older on the first day of the calendar year can only play in the senior section.

  3. On successful registration, the page will reload confirming your registration. Depending on the device you register with, you may need to scroll down to see the confirmation message.  Thereafter you will receive monthly statements until such time as your subs have been paid in full.

  4. To stay up to date, engage regularly with your captain, manager or team co-ordinator. Most teams and age groups make use of a WhatsApp group for regular communication.

  5. If applicable, ensure you make your monthly subs payments on time.

  6. During the season, any player wishing to change or resign their membership should request the change, via email, from the Treasurer.


Once registered, members have two payment options. Either:

  1. pay immediately in full (registration fee and club subs) taking advantage of the discount available or 

  2. immediately pay your registration fee, followed by the required month-end club subs payments.

Winter Hockey Payments

Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 16.12.07.png

Summer Hockey Payments

For indoor and hockey 5s, once registered, the full amount is payable in advance

Payments are made via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as follows:


Pay: Shumbas Hockey Club

Bank: FNB

Branch: Cresta Centre

Account: 6239 7849 070

Reference: Player's Name and Surname


Email your Proof Of Payment (POP) and/or subs queries to

To register, complete and submit the form below

or click here: